Who We Are

The Alvaralice Foundation is a private, not for profit organization, established in 2003 by the Garcés Echavarría siblings in honor of their parents’ Alvaro Garcés Giraldo and Alice Echavarría de Garcés’ civic  and philanthropic spirit.

Our commitment to contribute to the creation of a more inclusive an peaceful Colombia is implemented through the articulation of efforts, the search for strategic alliances with private, public, national and international organizations and the promotion of innovative initiatives and projects that foster sustainable social development and the economic conditions necessary for a peaceful society.

Our ability to gather lessons from past experiences and to convene local and international institutions to support our initiatives has been the most important factor in our success in achieving the results, impact of our programs and our ability to influence public policy.


María Eugenia Garcés Echavarría, Álvaro Garcés Giraldo, Elena Garcés Echavarría
Enrique Garcés Echavarría, Alice Echavarría Olózaga, Emma Garcés Echavarría

Our Guiding Principles

  • Bring together members of private and public sectors internationally and nationally.
  • Recognize and promote of best practices in social intervention.
  • Assume joint responsibility in social  development processes.
  • Ensure efficient and transparent operations.


The Alvaralice Foundation coordinates partnerships, supports initiatives and mobilizes resources with the purpose of generating the right conditions to facilitate peacebuilding in Colombia.


To contribute to a more inclusive and peaceful Colombian society.

Action Lines



We support non-formal education programs for vulnerable and at-risk populations designed to improve their opportunities for employment, enhance their economic and social conditions, and develop their skills for peaceful co-existence.
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Civic action

We promote programs that support the social and economic development of Cali and the Valle del Cauca region and that strengthen democracy and improve local governance. In partnership with government agencies and other organizations we work to identify the population’s needs in order to generate concrete solutions.

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Income Generation

With the purpose of developing income generation skills in the most vulnerable population, we support programs that promote employability and entrepreneurial skills as well as technical training, administrative and financial consultation, access to seed capital and micro-credit.

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Reflection and dialogue

We support initiativesthat foster dialogue among civil society’s stakeholders as a way to develop critical thinking, generate awareness about, and identify possible solutions to the problems that trouble Colombia.

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