Civic Action For Cali


Civic Action for Cali is a program that promoting citizen participation generating dialogue between the Municipal Administration, candidates for the Mayor of Cali and youth social organizations regarding the Municipal Development Plan.

Target Population:

Community organizations and student groups.


2013 to date


“I Act for Cali” is the second phase of a project that began in 2012 under the name “How Are We Doing for a Better Cali”. The program promoted citizen participation with suggestions of community organizations and experts incorporated into the first draft of the Municipal Development Plan proposed by the Mayor of Cali 2012-2015 and evaluated by different institutions before moving on to debate in the Council.

In 2013, “Civic Action for Cali” continued supporting the participation, with the same community organizations, finalists of the civic award For a Better City in 2010 and 2011, presently through the monitoring and compliance of the already approved Development Plan, which has been fully implemented in the city.

Implementing Institution:

Alvaralice Foundation


  • Alvaralice Foundation
  • Corona Foundation
  • Unidad de Acción Vallecaucana
  • Ciudadanos Activos

More Information

Contact: Isabel Quintero
Phone: +57 (2) 333-12-30


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