For a Better City, Cali – Civic Award


This Civic Award seeks to encourage and expand the impact of innovative social projects that solve the problems of their cities creating public value in a sustainable, participatory and replicable manner.

Target population

Our goal is to identify innovative community organizations, foundations and citizen groups with innovative social initiatives that, with the participation of the community, contribute to the improvement of the living conditions of the people of Cali.


The first version of the Civic Award was held in Cali in 2006 and since 2013, the Program functions in two-year -cycles. The first year is focused in the contest  and on the recognition. The second year, is focused on institutional strengthening.


10 versions of the Civic Award have been conducted in the city of Cali; over 1083 initiatives have been identified and have been granting more than 200 million Colombian pesos in seed capital.

Executing Agency

Local Partners

National Partners

More information

Contact: Isabel Quintero
Phone: +57 (2) 333-12-30

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