How Are We Doing Cali?

The How are Doing Cali? Project is part of the international project of How are we Doing? Cities led by the Fundación Corona.  How are we doing cities include 12 cities in Colombia and 4 in Brasil.


The program how are we doing Cali? helps by enhancing the quantity and quality of the information available to the citizens for an effective follow-up, evaluation and analysis of the public management and Cali’s quality of life. The program aims to promote an informed, responsible and participatory citizenship in the social and economic development of the city.

Target Population:

Cali citizens.


2005 to date.


Each year, how are we doing Cali? publishes a report on the quality of life and the citizen’s perception survey. This annual publication informs the community on important issues such as mobility, security, education and culture.

Alvaralice Role:

Member of the Executive Committee and the Technical Committee



Executing Agency


More Information

Contact: Marvin Mendoza Martínez
Coordinador Programa Cali Cómo Vamos
PBX: 8861300 – Ext:  122
Twitter: @calicomovamos

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