Mustard Seed


This pioneering program was created by the Paz y Bien Foundation with funding from Alvaralice Foundation and USAID, and the assistance of Valle University in Cali. This initiative was selected by the US Grameen Foundation as the only Colombian-based organization to receive their technical support due to its adherence to the core principles and values associated with Muhammad Yunu’s Grameen microcredit methodology in Bangladesh. This program benefited 800 clients at its inception, most of them internally displaced women.

Alvaralice Foundation spearheaded the creation of the Gramen-Aval-Colombia program funded by the Sarmiento-Angulo family during the Microcredit Regional Summit for Latin America and the Caribbean in 2009. This program benefited approximately 50,000 people during a span of five years.

Other endeavours by the Alvaralice Foundation have been:

• Invitation to Professor Muhammad Yunus to visit Cali in 2006.
• Travel to Bangladesh with members of the Paz y Bien Foundation in 2007.
• Invitation to several directors of the Grameen Trust to visit Colombia in 2007.
• Identification of investor group that funded the program in Colombia.

More Information:

Contact: Julieta Arboleda
Phone: +57 (2) 333-12-30

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