Photography For Youth’s Rights


The program Photography for Youth’s Rights is intended to raise awareness in children about human rights and citizen responsibilities using photography as a recreational tool through which they show their interpretation of what they have learned in the workshops and in addition, occupy their free time in a productive and healthy way.

Target Population:

The project brought together forty (40) children and adolescents between seven and fifteen years of age in the neighborhood Potrero Grande to the East of the city of Cali.


Julio 2014 – Julio 2015.


  • A book entitled: Capturing Rights and Duties, with photographs of the workshop.
  • Photo exhibition Photography for Youth’s Rights -Museo de la Salsa, Jairo Varela.
  • Increased knowledge and appropriation of citizens’ rights by the beneficiary children and their families.
  • Recognition by children of their duties as citizens which has been reflected in their sense of responsibility in their daily lives.

Implementing Institution:

Foundation Siembra Comunidad

Alvaralice Foundation Role:

Fundraising to carry out this project


  • Alvaralice Foundation
  • Tecnocentro Cultural Somos Pacífico

More Information

Contact:  Isabel Quintero
Phone: +57 (2) 333-12-30




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