Seminars and Workshops

Alvaralice Foundation has used its convening power in organizing workshops and seminars for a diversity of audiences such as functionaries of the public sector, civil society organizations and personalities of the international community.

In March of 2007, in partnership with the Office of the Vice-president of Colombia, and with financial support from the Tinker Foundation, Alvaralice organized a three day seminar with members of the National Commission for Reconciliation and Reparation (CNRR), the Colombian High Courts and the Attorney General’s office, as a contribution to strengthening the CNRR and other public functionaries involved in the enforcement of the Justice and Peace Law. Given the success of this seminar, Alvaralice organized a workshop in November of 2007 with Mary Burton and Fazel Randera, from the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission, as well as a seminar on reparations with expert speaker Dr. Alexander Segovia. He later became a consultant to the reparations program of the CNRR.

The workshop on Transitional Justice that took place in the city of Bogotá, was another contribution by the Alvaralice Foundation to the dissemination of the subject of Restorative and Transitional Justice. This was done with support from the AID/OIM and the audience consisted of citizens’ advocates and members of the Attorney General’s office, the Armed Forces and the office for Citizen’s rights commissioned by the President of Colombia to the CNRR.


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