2020: A year that impacted the quality of life of the people in Cali


Wednesday, 13 October 2021


Alvaralice Foundation

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, 2020 was a unique year which had a significant social and economic impact on the people of Cali. This data was mentioned in the 2021 Annual Quality of Life Report of the “Cali Cómo Vamos” program. During that year, 17,000 deaths were registered in Cali, the highest figure in the past five years. 2,614 were caused by the virus.

Among the data presented in this report, there is evidence of a significant contraction of the city’s economy of 6.6%, and the unemployment rate in 2020 reached 20.4%, the highest in the last seven years. This contributed to the fact that 36% people in Cali are living today in poverty.

Despite these figures, in 2020 the levels of violence in Cali decreased. The city recorded the lowest number of homicides and robberies in the last thirteen years. In addition, the rate of interpersonal violence and the number of vehicle accidents also diminished

To see the full quality of life report, click here.

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