A glimpse into the working world


Friday, 9 August 2019


Alvaralice Foundation

The ‘Panel of Experts on Employability’ was one of the latest strategies implemented by the project “Social Impact Bonds II – Cali Progresses with Jobs”. This project seeks to help employ 800 people in Cali using an innovative, fast-spreading British model. Alvaralice Foundation is one of the four operators of the program.

In the five panels held to date, more than 300 participants who started their employment training with Alvaralice, have benefitted from the recommendations of the accomplished panelists and their knowledge and experience regarding successful employment.

The panelists, representing organizations like Comfandi and Inversor, the Mayor of Cali, and Universidad Javeriana among others, addressed issues related to job interviews, customer service, gender equality, generational gaps and many other aspects of working life.

These experts expressed the importance for young people to maintain a good attitude in the face of challenges that may occur both in the selection process as well as on the job. They recommended that young people should worry more about the way they portray themselves and about developing a good attitude rather than focusing on their work experience, or lack thereof.

They also provided practical advice for the hiring process, including job interview protocols, different types of contracts and a worker’s duties and rights.

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