The 9th version of the for a Better City Civic Award has its winners


Tuesday, 28 November 2017


Cali Chamber of Commerce's auditorium

The Civic Award for a better City, is a program promoted by social organizations, universities, foundations, entrepreneurs and social media, that seeks to encourage and expand the impact of innovative social projects built in a collectively and participatory manner.  These social projects should work to solve problems of their cities creating public value in a sustainable and replicable manner.  This Civic Award generates actions to recognize, make visible, strengthen and connect the initiatives with their surroundings looking to positively impact these initiatives development.

This year there were 138 subscriptions to the program.  Of these 138 subscriptions, 56 initiatives came to participate in the civic award process. The finalist initiatives addressed issues such as the construction of inclusive spaces, productivity and the good use of leisure time, the care of the environment and citizen’s movements.

The award ceremony was held on Cali Chamber of Commerce’s auditorium on Tuesday, November 28th.  During the ceremony the 10 finalist initiatives where announced and then, out of these 10, the three finalists were selected.

The three winner’s organizations were:

  • First Prize: The Colombian State Protection Graduate Association (Asociación Colombiana de Egreso de Protección Estatal, in spanish) is a social organization that looks to create new spaces of participation and to strengthen the social and communication skills of the young people who are about to lose their State Protection status. Award: $13 Million Colombian pesos.
  • Second prize: The Bochinche Foundation with its initiative “Bochinche a feeling of life” (Bochinche un solo sentir por la vida, in Spanish). This initiative principality helps people who live in commune 21 and looks to generate social, generational artistic and cultural empowerment. Award: $7 Million Colombian pesos.
  • Third Prize: Fe Urbana Sin Fronteras, implement by the Fe Urbana Nacional & Internacional Foundation, which seeks to create spaces of inclusive participation, highlighting its talents using culture, art, education and sport in the Compartir neighborhood and the Commune 21. $5 Million Colombian pesos.

This program in Cali, is promoted by the Alvaralice Foundation, who is the local coordinator of “For a better city civic award”, and the allied organizations that make this program possible that are The Carvajal Foundation, The Fanalca Foundation, The WWB Foundation, The Freinet School, The El País newspaper, The 90 Minutos TV news show, The Corona Foundation, The Plan Internacional por la niñez colombiana organization, The Bolívar Davivienda Foundation and the University Corporación Universitaria Minuto de Dios.

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