A Proposal for Social Transformation and Public Value Creation


Thursday, 27 July 2023


Fundación Alvaralice

Between the months of February and April 2023, we witnessed a clear objective and work path that allowed the participants of the “Community Ideation Lab: From Words to Deeds!” to materialize their initiatives, consolidating their dreams into actions with the capacity to transform their communities. Eighteen ideas became a reality by using the tools acquired during the project training process. A positive outcome of this process was being able to see how the participating leaders applied their learning, generating a positive chain reaction in their own communities.

The Community Ideation Laboratory: From Words to Deeds! was undoubtedly a noteworthy space that allowed for the core development of the social initiatives involved. This was a process by which participants learned to formulate projects through the consolidation of their ideas and put them into action through viable social initiatives. This resulted in highly impactful and positive benefits for their territories and communities in a variety of areas such as: arts, sports, culture, historical memory, ethnic identity, environmental conservation, education and food security.

This social laboratory came about through the solid leadership of Compromiso Valle, which seeks to influence sustainability and the common good, from the recognition of self and others. It is comprised of eight allied organizations belonging to the social and educational sector along with the financing of entrepreneurs and private companies in the region. We should continue to support these kinds of projects and alliances in our region as they help consolidate high impact methodologies that benefit the territories by connecting people with processes that create public value through the existing technical and human capacities of our city. These networks benefit the city region by creating a multiplying effect of efforts and work that is reflected in the daily dynamics and in the generation of long-term social transformation.

Great social transformations require a joint effort, but specially one that recognizes the capacities and potential of each individual, the strength of dreaming together and the generation of changes in the day-to-day dynamics of the people and territories of our city-region.

It is encouraging to see how a commitment to identify, train, support and enhance the skills of leaders of Cali and Yumbo can go from an idea to taking dreams and hopes and putting them into action. Today, these ideas have become processes which have produced changes in their territories and are paving the way for high-impact and sustainable benefits for their communities in the future. I encourage you to learn more about the social initiatives being proposed in the Community Ideation Lab: From Words to Deeds!

Manuel Alejandro Guevara Bocanegra
Pilot Project Coordinator

Community Ideation Lab: From Words to Deeds!
Alvaralice Foundation

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