Alto Volumen “We are, Will be or Perhaps Not” is the new album launched by Alto Volumen in Cali


Friday, 20 April 2018


Centro Cultural Comfandi

On Friday, April 20th, at the Centro Cultural Comfandi in Cali, a new album titled “Somos, Seremos o no Somos Tal Vez” by the Alto Volumen group of Cali was presented.  The group was formed seven years ago by six hopeful kids from an under- privileged area in eastern Cali.   More than two hundred people from various areas of the city and regions of the country attended. The performance consisted of ten songs to the rhythm of Hip-Funk (a mix of Funk and Hip-Hop).

Pamela Bravo and Damper Vergara, the group´s vocalists, sang their thought-provoking lyrics which depict various situations of daily life. Junior Zamora, the talented drummer with hundreds of revolutions per minute, accompanied band members Carlos Rodriguez,sax,  Dawer Vergara, bass, and Jonnathan Morales, guitar.

Pedro Rovetto, who contributed to the creation of this album, is the producer and founder of the popular Superlitio Band.  He had seen a performance of this group, fell in love with it, and decided to help with this process.

Some of the songs in this album explore new digital and analog technologies which vary from their usual acoustical sounds, and are titled: “A que Lugar”, “Loops”, “Get Down”, “Mi Equipaje” and “Aire”.

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