Art as a tool for peace and resilience in the neighborhood of El Vergel


Friday, 4 November 2022


Alvaralice Foundation

Music is a tool that serves to communicate feelings and stories in different contexts through lyrics and melodies. Through this medium we can send messages of peaceful coexistence to territories that have been historically violent. For this reason, Abriendo Caminos supported a group of young participants from the El Vergel neighborhood with the creation of a song with social content.

Abriendo Caminos gave an opportunity to young people interested in music, to explore and develop their skills in music production These activities gave them a chance to find an alternative to violence and send a message of peace to the community. The production was in charge of the producer Camilo Plaza, who brought his own recording equipment to the neighborhood in order to provide the participants with a professional experience.

The lyrics of the song reflect the resilience of the inhabitants of these neighborhoods, who despite many difficult challenges, manage to adapt to the conditions that life presents them and move on with their lives.

Listen/watch the clip/first teaser of the song here:

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