Tuesday, 3 December 2019


Auditorium of the Colombian Central Bank

On November 26, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, the “Paremos Ya” (“Let’s Stop Now”) forum was held at the Jorge Garcés Borrero Departmental Library, with the objective to listen to the testimonies of the victims and/or the relatives of those who can no longer tell their stories. During this forum, the participants reflected on the root causes of violence and the processes that can help and support them before or after these violent episodes.

The forum was attended by leaders and activists such as Julissa Mosquera, who considers herself a survivor of the war and who works for the empowerment of women. In addition, Diego Sardi, the manager of Ventolini S.A., shared his vision and opinion as a businessman on how to support women and provide them with better opportunities in their work and personal growth. Lastly, Jhoan David Lozano and Saray Quijano, who retained guardianship over Jhor Jany Esquivel’s children after she was killed by her romantic partner, were present.

Around 150 people attended the forum, which was possible thanks to the support of the Alvaralice Foundation, through its project “Colomb!anas, a Collective Biography”, Kunsejana Foundation, El País, USAID, IOM, the WWB Foundation, the Colombian Network of Journalists, the Valley Government and the Departmental Library. The event came to an end with a strong message: “Stop the “machismo”, inequality, harassment and disrespect”.

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