Colomb!anas: A Collective Biography


Friday, 14 January 2022


Fundación Alvaralice

During the second half of 2021, the project was taken to various regions of Colombia to continue strengthening the exercise of collective memory among women.

Daniela Ortiz, coordinator of the project, which will celebrate 5 years of existence, comments on the following:


The most significant achievements:

  1. A much more active participation of women was achieved, who found in Colomb!anas content of interest that encouraged them to interact with the digital platform and joined to tell their stories.
  2. An alliance was generated with the Women’s Equity Observatory (OEM) of the ICESI University, which made it possible to expand the scope of the project in order to reach many more regions throughout the country.
  3. Spaces for meeting and socializating were created at the local level, which have given visibility to the project and generated conversations among women’s organizations that are working toward similar goals to those of Colomb!anas.


Main challenges we faced in 2021

  1. Developing strategies to reach regions of the country where women are carrying out leadership processes and strengthening their communities, recognizing that this is the necessary preliminary process for them to raise their voices and share their stories on the digital platform.
  2. Beginning to propose our own methodology, which would become an understandable, replicable and functional material to be used by women’s organizations around the country to generate a dialogue with cathartic and therapeutic effects that strengthen support networks among women and reshape the social fabric.


The main challenges we will face in 2022

  1. Ensuring that the methodology reaches a wider audience, is appropriate and has a positive result that contributes to the work being done by women around the country.
  2. Generating new alliances with universities and audiovisual production training schools to continue producing audiovisual capsules, ensuring that the collective biography is nourished by increasingly diverse and representative voices from all regions of the country with the high-quality standard that characterizes the project.
  3. Obtain funding from international donors that view this project as a vehicle that strengthens the work being developed by Colombian women.

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