FUNDAPEDCO, one of three winners of the 10th Civic Award “For A Better City”


Friday, 3 April 2020


Fundación Alvaralice

The Foundation People with Disabilities of Colombia (FUNDAPEDCO) founded to fight stigmatization and promote the inclusion of people with disabilities in Cali, teaches its participants how to manufacture handicrafts artistically.

Through their Hands with Soul (Manos con Alma) initiative, they have set up a workshop to create handicrafts with recyclable paper and wood. Participants generate income by selling the crafts they produce.

In recognition of its contribution to productive inclusion and overcoming the stigmas of the population with disabilities, Manos con Alma was one of the three winners of the tenth civic award For a Better City. The award will provide FUNDAPEDCO with 7 million pesos to strengthen their work and their mission to show that disability doesn’t have to be an insurmountable obstacle.

In this video, Esperanza Castaño, director of FUNDAPEDCO, tells us about the organization and its Manos con Alma initiative.

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