Keeping social distance, the activities in employability programs continue


Thursday, 16 April 2020


Fundación Alvaralice

The Alvaralice Foundation, through its income generation area, carries out programs that develop and improve the skills and capabilities of vulnerable populations to access income generation opportunities in the city of Cali. In response to the measures implemented to tackle the COVID-19 health emergency, the Rumbo Joven and Cali Progresa con Empleo programs have developed new materials and methodologies that allow the programs to continue.

One of the biggest challenges the programs face due to the public health restrictions is reducing the dropout rates of the participants. Various strategies have been implemented to make it possible to continue with the training and psychosocial support of the participants, ranging from virtual workshops to using platforms such as WhatsApp and email.

Despite the current situation, our programs continue helping participants find employment, offering local businesses skilled and well-trained individuals who have the potential to become productive members of the Cali workforce.

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