Leaders who are committed to transforming their communities


Thursday, 27 July 2023


Fundación Alvaralice

In every corner of Cali and Jumbo we can find people with ideas that can positively transform the daily environments of their communities. Thus, several such leaders who could not participate in the Civic Award for a Better City, still had the opportunity to develop and receive guidance on turning their ideas into initiatives. Many of these initiatives are a reality in 2023.

This project was formed under the strategy framework of Compromiso Valle and the organizations involved in the Civic Award. In the second half of 2022, they managed to bring together a total of 18 people who, for a period of two months, participated in workshops aimed at fine-tuning their ideas to become sustainable projects.

Subsequently, the participants developed their initiatives through activities carried out during the month of March 2023. These achieved a significant impact in the participating communities.

Manuel Guevara, coordinator of the project, highlighted the training provided to the participants, and how it contributed to the development of the initiatives: “Each of the participants had the opportunity to present their initiative and subsequently show how the training helped bring about transformational results to their ideas in just three months.

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