Opening Paths (“Abriendo Caminos”)


Friday, 14 January 2022


Fundación Alvaralice

2021 brought many lessons and new alliances that allowed the project to reach new territories to continue opening paths for young people who have found in this program a viable option to transform their lives. Alejandra Vidal, coordinator of the project, points out that the considerable social unrest that took place from April to June 2021 in Cali reaffirmed the need to continue working to reduce the rates of violence in our city.

Most significant achievements

  • The involvement of the Compromiso Valle, which saw in Abriendo Caminos an effective avenue to transform the life projects of young people in the city. Thanks to this alliance, the project reached 50 neighborhoods in Cali, Buenaventura and Palmira, and was able to train and engage more than 82 community “violence interrupters” who are currently working in these areas.
  • We have been able to link this program to many public and private projects that have strengthen, complemented and expanded the impact of the work done. Many participants of Abriendo Caminos have become involved in these projects, generating a greater impact in other areas of their lives, such as employment.


Main challenges we faced in 2021

  • Reaching new areas of the city and other municipalities, which implied recognizing the dynamics of each sector and adapting the project according to the needs identified.
  • Selecting and training 82 community violence interrupters, who were chosen in a manner so as to ensure that they were the right people, with the desire, interest and skills to work for and with their community.


The main challenges we will face in 2022

  • To ensure that the communities take ownership of the model and generate a culture of mediation that is reflected in a significant reduction in the rates of violence. We are aware that this is achieved only through constant and long-term work, and therefore face the challenge of obtaining additional funding to continue operating in the 50 neighborhoods.
  • Generate more links with the city’s public and private job opportunities to ensure that the participants in the project can be connected to the formal and non-formal local productive system, which we believe is one of the most important steps in transforming the dynamics of violence.

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