Our “Opening New Paths” Project joins the soccer initiative “You, relax”


Wednesday, 19 September 2018


Fundación Alvaralice



“Opening New Paths” (or “Abriendo Caminos” in Spanish) is the name of our violence prevention Project that is based on the Cure Violence methodology (). This project participated in the inauguration of the “You, relax” initiative (or “Tu, Tranquilo”, in Spanish). This initiative promotes soccer games between gang members as a way to foster peaceful coexistence through this sport. Javier Fernández, a popular local journalist and soccer commentator, participated in the event. This inauguration was sponsored by the local police, the Valle University via its Cisalva Institute and Cali’s Mayor’s Office via these three city departments: 1) Security and Justice Department, 2) Sports and Recreation Department and 3) Peace and Citizen Culture Department.

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