President Duque, now is the moment to listen to your people – Juan Oney, Abriendo Caminos Participant


Friday, 9 July 2021


Fundación Alvaralice

My name is Juan Oney and I am 23 years old. I am a volunteer for the Abriendo Caminos project of the Alvaralice Foundation. I like to support the social processes of the Comuneros neighborhood that seek to help the community. I am a young entrepreneur with many aspirations. I really like to learn and study to have a better future.

President Duque, now is the moment to listen to your people

After President Duque announced a new tax reform in the midst of the current health emergency due to Covid-19, thousands of Colombians, at home and abroad, went to the streets on April 28th to make their voices heard and to seek changes that the country is urgently needing. We are not requesting a new constitution, but rather that the national government enforce the current one. Our fight is against corruption and the growing inequality in Colombia, where the government’s corruption allows a few groups to take advantage of their position and increase their wealth. We are concerned that value added taxes will affect our wellbeing and worsen the present socio-economic crisis.

To change this reality, I dream of a country where all public resources serve the people’s needs. I dream of a country where the young people of my neighborhood do not see their dreams of being athletes, engineers, architects, or lawyers dashed by lack of opportunities.

By supporting the national protest, we are seeking good quality education. We want   access to free education and not having to decide between working to support the family or continuing our studies. I dream of a Colombia with better opportunities in the labor market, when a high school degree opens doors to well-paid jobs. In addition, we also want quality health care, so that people do not have to die waiting for the medication because the EPS (public health insurance) does not provide it on time.

I protest for the men and women who are missing. I protest for all the people whose lives were taken, because they went out, protested, and fought for a better country for their children. I protest for all the displaced people, victims of the armed conflict. I protest for the people who have to go to bed without eating because they don’t have the means to quell their hunger. I protest for the communities forgotten by the government. I protest because I never want to see a young man exchanging his pencil or soccer cleats for a firearm again. I protest for us and for the future of the new generations. I protest so my community can advance as a society!

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