Rumbo Joven, bringing hope for a better future to Jhonnier


Friday, 6 April 2018


Alvaralice Foundation

Jhonnier Giraldo, a young beneficiary of the Rumbo Joven project, was able to increase his self-confidence, by formulating short, medium and long-term goals and a better relationship with his peers and his environment.

Jhonnier Giraldo, is the youngest of five brothers. He currently lives with his mother, his stepfather, his girlfriend and a nephew, in a house that has two rooms. During his childhood, and after the death of his father, he took care of his four brothers while his mother went to work. In addition to his hardships, he also witnessed several territorial clashes in his neighborhood.

Despite his adverse environment, and with three of his brothers consuming drugs, Jhonnier finished the accelerated high school program, that allowed him to find a job in construction with his stepfather in order to help his mother with the expenses at home.

Through his determination and helpful nature, Jhonnier stood out in the Rumbo Joven program. Although at the beginning he was somewhat shy and not willing to participate, he slowly opened up, improved his participation, increased his tone of voice and expressed himself with greater self-confidence.

After six months Jhonnier has managed to succeed in his training process thanks to his determination, responsibility, punctuality, teamwork skills and ease in performing many of the course activities. This has allowed him to feel more confident and improve his communication with others.

Today Jhonnier is a confident young man, focused on achieving his goal of becoming a businessman.

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