Somos Pacífico: “Peace and Art from the East”


Friday, 9 July 2021


Fundación Alvaralice

Somos Pacífico recently held an event called “Peace and Art from the East”, which was a community gathering that is part of the training processes that take place in the Potrero Grande neighborhood in eastern Cali. In the event, participants reflected on issues dealing with peace, social transformation, and empathy, celebrating the voices of children and young people who, through dance, music, and painting, expressed their thoughts and feelings in the face of the social situation triggered by the national protests.

The work of Somos Pacífico focuses on the social transformation of a neighborhood that has been historically hit by violence and where its people have countless needs. In this event, the artists, educators, and peacebuilders reaffirmed their belief that dialogue and respect for diversity is the best way to defeat violence and transform the lives of the people and their regions.

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