The “Cali How Are We Doing” program presented the main results for the “2018 Citizens Perception Survey” on December 11


Tuesday, 11 December 2018


Bank of the Republic

On Tuesday, December 11th, the “Cali Como Vamos” program presented the results of the 2018 Citizens Perception Survey. This survey reflects the opinion of the inhabitants of Cali on subjects such as the economy, poverty, equality, education, health, public services, the environment and public spaces, among others.

The presentation took place in the music room of the Bank of the Republic with ninety-six attendees. We would like to highlight the attendance of the Office of the Mayor of Cali, represented by the Mayor himself, Maurice Armitage, and several of his Secretariats. Also, in attendance were members of the press, the business sector, higher educational institutions and the general public.

Among the most important results of the survey was the fact that 40% of the citizens of Cali consider that things are on the right path, a significant improvement from last year’s result. In addition, 56% take pride in their city and 64% con- sider it a good place to live. These percentages were also higher than last year’s.

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