The only Colombian granted a scholarship this year by the MCW Foundation for its programa Young Leaders


Friday, 3 August 2018


New York

The “Miracle Corners of the World Foundation” announced in January their open call for applicatnts, from all continents, for its Young Leaders Program (YLP). prepares young adults, 18-26, to become leaders of positive change in their community by giving them the tools and skills needed to transform passion into action. Participants begin the YLA with a 10-day intensive retreat focused on leadership development, global citizenship, and vision planning.

This year’s participation was the highest since the beginning of the program. Of the 3,128 applicants only 27 were accepted into the Young Leaders Access Program (YLA). For this reason, it is an honor that Isabela Gómez from Cali qualified for this great opportunity.

Through our YLA, we facilitate leadership development, a deep understanding of global citizenship, and how to implement a project from beginning to end. Isabela learned the fundamentals of project management and produced an educated, tailored, and actionable plan to implement in her community.

Isabela’s vision is to “Empower women with the ability to have a positive impact on society. Her mission is to “Inspire women to be active participants in community issues and Human Rights Advocacy.”

Once Isabela successfully completes the year-long YLA, she will become eligible to apply for the Alumni Ventures Fund (AVF). The AVF is one of the core activities of YLA. It aims to help outstanding YLP alumni take their community – based plans to the next step. Recipients of the AVF receive funding (between USD $500 – $5,000) and professional mentorship to help turn their ideas of implementing social change into concrete plans.

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