The Technocenter Somos Pacífico Celebrated it’s 5th Anniversary at Cali’s Municipal Theatre


Wednesday, 14 November 2018


Municipal Theatre Enrique Buenaventura

The closing ceremony for year-end activities was held at the Municipal Theatre on November 14th. At this time, the Technocenter also commemorated 5 years of operation with a fabulous musical production entitled “Pescadores de Sueños” (or Dream’s Catchers).

150 children and youths delighted the audience with their harmonious movements and perfect synchronization. They truly showcased the achievements of the “Somos Pacífico” center since its journey in the eastern region of Cali.

This event was possible thanks to the public-private alliances that help support the Technocenter since its inception, offering previously unheard-of opportunities to 1,200 hundred youths and children per year through access to the programs offered at “Somos Pacífico”.

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