“The value of opportunities”


Thursday, 13 August 2020


Fundación Alvaralice

Viviana Hurtado Torres family is a young high school graduate from the village of Santana located on the Pacific coast of Nariño, Colombia. Viviana decided to look for new opportunities in her life, where she could work and study to help her parents and her ten siblings. About four years ago she settled in Cali and currently lives in the Potrero Grande neighborhood with her aunt and two of her brothers.

After her arrival in the city she faced a process of cultural adaptation, since she was used to the rural life and working in the fields. What she misses most about her birthplace is her family, spending time with friends who she played soccer with, and the tranquility that nature gave her.

She discovered the Rumbo Joven program through her aunt and her two brothers, who insisted that it would be an important opportunity in her life. She applied and began her face-to-face training in January 2020. When classes began this charismatic and shy young woman found it difficult to socialize due to her insecurities and lack of confidence. It was difficult for her to speak in public and participate in team work. As a result of the public health situation caused by COVID-19, the program continued its training and psychosocial support in a virtual way. As the days went by, Viviana began to realize her great potential, her personal abilities, and the progress she was making with the independent workshops.

Viviana dreams with becoming a doctor so she can return to her hometown and help her community. Finding a first job is a first step to start saving in order to fulfill her goals. Rumbo Joven is helping her take that first step, supporting Viviana in setting out clear life goals and helping her find her first job.

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