Somos Pacífico’s Friends Club

Potrero Grande, is one of the most violent neighborhood in the of Cali, Colombia. The majority of its inhabitants are of afro descente and refugees from Colombia’s internal conflicts on the pacific coast. The neighborhood lacks opportunities of almost any sort that could engage its youth and give them hope for their future. Without any sort of social infrastructure in the neighborhood, children are subject to a host of violence, incluiding recruitment to criminal groups. To deal with this situation, the Alvaralice Foundation, the mayor’s office of the city of Cali, Comfandi (a Family Welfare Fund), the Ministry of Culture and Paz y Bien Foundation came together to create a public-private alliance for the creation of The Somos Pacifico Technological and Cultural Center. The goal of this project was to promote peace and reconciliation to one of the most violent neighborhoods in the Cali.

This center supports an innovative educational model that offers cultural and artistic activities, information and communication technologies, income generation and English as a second language programs. It serves over 2500 youths and their families.

The Somos Pacifico’s Friends Club has been established to help fund the programs offered at the center. Become a member and help transform the lifes of the youth of Potrero Grande through a donation made a monthly, quarterly, or annually, or donation of your choice.

For your donation you will receive:

An annual report the center and its programs.
An invitation to visit Somos Pacifico in Cali, Colombia.
The opportunity, should you so wish, to mentor via e-mail a young beneficiary of the programs.

More information
Contact: Edgar Mauricio Ocampo Urdinola
Phone: (+57) 317 638 01 86

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